Bhojpuri Film : Top भोजपुरी फिल्म Entertaining Masala Movie


Bhojpuri Film is an entertainment package that will make your day and actually even your night. Bhojpuri Film is the definition of Entertainment. Looking for Drama, Revenge, Dance, Item Songs, Beautiful Heroine, Romance, Laughter, you name it and you get it in a Bhojpuri Film. Your Saturday Movie Day can get sorted with a nice Bhojpuri Film watch. The Bhojpuri Films can be a bit awkward to see with family at times, but it can be an amazing watch with friends, girlfriend and alone. If you are simply getting bored, all you need to do is start a Bhojpuri Picture, it will turn all your loneliness and boredom into a ride that is not only amazing but memorable. Bhojpuri Films are what we call Paisa Vasool.

Bhojpuri Film

Decided to sit and watch a Bhojpuri Film but don’t know what to see? A Bhojpuri Film Fan, want to check whether you have seen all the must watch Bhojpuri Picture? We are putting together a list of the most popular and most acclaimed Bhojpuri Films, so that one gets a list of what to see when planning to watch a Bhojpuri Picture.

The Bhojpuri Film list below is divided in few categories in which, the first is the must watch based on popularity of the Bhojpuri Films or the actors. The second category in the list of Bhojpuri Films include the must watch Bhojpuri Picture based on the Bhojpuri Film Titles that are beyond just being attractive. The third category consists of the latest Bhojpuri Films that can be seen as well in case you are a Bhojpuri Cinema Expert and have seen all the other sets in the list of Bhojpuri Film.

That is not all, the most popular genres have also been added in the list of Best Bhojpuri Films. Romantic, Comedy and Action Bhojpuri Cinemas are also included in the list to give you a broader choice set to choose from.

Popular Bhojpuri Films

Popular Bhojpuri Films will have a list of Bhojpuri Films starring the Bhojpuri Superstars like Nirahua, Manoj Tiwari, Ravi Kishan and Pawan Singh. Bhojpuri Films are absolutely run by the actors in them. The name does the business. Ofcourse the story counts but just like Salman and Amir’s name itself makes the difference, the names of Bhojpuri Superstars in the movies have a similar effect on the audience.

  • Nirahua Rickshawala, Nirahua Rickshawala 2:
  • Pandit Ji Batai Na, Biyaah Kab Hoi?:
  • Bam Bam Bol Raha Hai Kashi:
  • Patna se Pakistan:
  • Ganga:
  • Sasura Bada Paisawala:

Bhojpuri Films with the most attractive Titles

Bhojpuri Film Title is famous for all the wrong reasons, but the wrong reasons become the right ones for the Tollywood industry. The Movie Titles are one of them. When we say, Bhojpuri Films are entertaining, we include the Bhojpuri Picture Titles. One can actually have a good day just by reading Bhojpuri Film Titles. We have enlisted, very few of the lot. Many of them can actually have some rated stuff in the Title itself, but the Pun is what makes it all that entertaining right?

  • Rikshawala I Love You
  • Miya Anari Ba, Biwi Khiladi Ba
  • Laila Maal Ba, Chhaila Dhamaal Ba
  • Humra Lehenga Ke Andar Wi-fi
  • Chhapra Express

Latest Bhojpuri Pictures

We are not underestimating anyone, as we know that there are die hard fans of Bhojpuri Films around, who are extremely updated about all the Bhojpuri Cinemas and might have seen all the enlisted Bhojpuri Must-see movies. Thus, for them, we have got few latest Bhojpuri Films below that were quite awaited and has amazing viewer reviews.

  • Border
  • Ye Ishq Bada Bedardi Hain
  • Raja Jani
  • Hero
  • Wanted
  • Damru

Comedy Bhojpuri Films

Bhojpuri Films do have amazing comedy in almost all of them but we have selected few movies which is light hearted in nature and can be enjoyed by people who are looking for laughter in Bhojpuri Films. Below is a list of must watch Comedy Bhojpuri Cinema that will let you have the time of your life and have a break from your stressful life for sometime. Comedy Bhojpuri Films are actually the perfect break, so if you want to have one grab some popcorn now and get started with one of the Comedy Bhojpuri Films.

  • Nirahua Hindustani
  • Nirahua Rickshawala 2
  • Dilwaala
  • Ek Rajai Teen Lugayi
  • 1 Chor 2 Mastikhor

Romantic Bhojpuri Films

Romance is something that is inbuilt in Bhojpuri Film or that comes free with any Bhojpuri Film. But, we here have enlisted few Bhojpuri Films that should be seen specially for the romance. The Romantic Bhojpuri Pictures are definitely the most selling ones as, it not only has romance that people enjoy the most but has a teensi bit of action, lots of drama, amazing songs and a little bit of comedy. Thus with a Romantic Bhojpuri Film you get a full package of entertainment for which the Bhojpuri Films are famous for.

  • Saiyaan Superstar
  • Dulhan Chahi Pakistan Se
  • Aashik Aawara
  • Nirahua Chala Sasural

Action Bhojpuri Picture

The last category, we have here in the must watch Bhojpuri Film section is Action. Breaking Bones, Flying Cars, Throwing stuffs is what is the cause and result of Adrenaline rush. The below listed Bhojpuri Films are the ones that will give you the adrenaline rush you are looking for in movies. The action packed, full of revenge stories are something that you can expect from the below listed Bhojpuri Films.

  • Action Raja
  • Thok Deb
  • Adalat
  • Badla
  • Satya