Bhojpuri Song : The All New भोजपुरी Song


Bhojpuri Songs are the life of any occasion. The vibe, the dance, the excitement remains incomplete till Bhojpuri Songs are played in the party and the audiences go crazy and shameless with weird moves. That’s how a party should end or let us say start because Bhojpuri Songs make the parties what they need to be in India.

The essence of Bhojpuri Songs is that, it is not restricted to the region it belongs to, that is Bihar. It could be because of the widespread of Biharis all over the world that Bhojpuri Songs have lately reached to such far distances and are being loved and accepted so much by everyone. There has always been critical judgments surrounding the lyrics of the Bhojpuri Songs but the fun factor and the peppy beats of the songs have always made up for it and thus the judgements might come from many but the acceptance towards Bhojpuri Songs is also pretty good. It cannot be denied that if you want to have fun with music being around, the music section has to be dominated by Bhojpuri Songs. If you listen to Bhojpuri Songs, you might start considering it to work as an antidepressant. The lyrics that are pretty much rated in almost all the Bhojpuri songs or at least the hit ones can be the reason for laughter too.

Though they may sound the same and it may be difficult to believe but Bhojpuri Songs do have variations. Bhojpuri Songs is an umbrella of different types of songs in a particular language, which is Bhojpuri. That doesn’t mean that Bhojpuri Songs are all same, they have categories despite the majority of them having the same upbeat music because of the regional likes towards the loud jumpy music of Bhojpuri Songs.

Bhojpuri Songs

The list below are few of the most popular categories of Bhojpuri Songs , that needs to be known so that you could use the knowledge about Bhojpuri Songs to boast on other Bhojpuri Song Fans or rather anybody because you will find it pretty difficult to find people who do not know about Bhojpuri Songs or even at least one Bhojpuri Song. So, it is not going to be a very useless information and additionally and more importantly, more than knowing the categories, the list below will actually give you the list of Bhojpuri Songs that are going to come handy on any occasion. Jagrata, shaadi, get together or break up , we have your Bhojpuri Playlist sorted for all your bad and good times.

Bhojpuri Songs for your Bhakti Mood

God is everywhere and above all and that is why the first category of Bhojpuri Songs is for the Bhakts or for your Bhakti Mood because that keeps coming time and again and we don’t want to leave you alone and sulk. Our list of Bhojpuri Songs will let you pray in Bhojpuri Style. After listening these, the people who consider themselves atheist will also decide to sing Bhakti Geet for sure. Listening to these Bhojpuri Songs will make you realise that not always Bhakti Geets have to be boring. It could be fun and peppy but still be pure.

Bhojpuri Songs- DJ Mix for your Party Mood

Right after the Bhakti Mood, we thought of getting you back to the party mood with the DJ Mix of the best and super hit Bhojpuri Songs. Not that any of the Bhojpuri Songs require anymore rhythm for being a Party Songs, Bhojpuri Songs are always made to be Party Songs but the DJ Mixes give them a different touch making it aligned with the trending DJ mixing needed for Party Dances.

Bhojpuri Songs- Folk Songs for a Classical Mood

Not always one is in mood to be in extremities. Sometimes the mood can a little subtle and that is when you know it is looking for Bhojpuri Songs that are not typical but a little different like the Folk Music. Bhojpuri Songs that of the Folk category are something that should be kept always ready because you never know when the clouds start to pour or when you start getting bored from the regular Bhojpuri Songs. Sometimes different is soothing and that can be achieved with Folk Bhojpuri Songs.

Bhojpuri Songs- Love Songs for your Romantic Mood

Romantic Moods doesn’t always knock at the door but when they do, it’s always sudden. One doesn’t always need to typecast Bhojpuri Songs, like the categories above, Bhojpuri Songs can be romantic as well and you falling in love can be totally controlled with these set of Bhojpuri Songs. No one needs to feel sorry for not being able to fall in love with Bhojpuri Songs playing in the background. The situation may not be created as done in Bollywood but still can be done with Bhojpuri Songs.It may not be slow and steady but it can be sudden and exciting.

Bhojpuri Songs- Hit Songs to Lift Up your Mood

How can a Hit Bhojpuri Songs category be missed altogether? It is the most important category because that is what everyone wants to know. The Super Hit Bhojpuri Songs that can be played anywhere anytime, that will lift up not just your mood but even your hands and legs for a crazy performance actually the word should be embarrassing but when you have fun doing something, embarrassment shouldn’t be something stopping you. Bhojpuri Songs lets you release yourself and with the Hit Bhojpuri Songs in particular you don’t have to be worried about being depressed anymore.

Bhojpuri Songs- Sad Songs for your Cry Baby Mood

Last but not the least, you can also cry with Bhojpuri Songs. Yes, the thought might seem impossible to many but there are sad songs in the list of Bhojpuri Songs as well that will take care of your Breakups pretty amazingly. So, once you are done, change the category of the Bhojpuri Songs to uplift your Mood and dance. Bhojpuri Songs are literally life if you think about it like that.