Bhojpuri Gana (भोजपुरी गाना) : New Release and All Time Hits


Looking for Bhojpuri Gana? We tell you which Bhojpuri Gana you must listen to and you might get your list of new favourite Bhojpuri Gane after going through our box of surprising Bhojpuri Gaane.

Your taste of Bhojpuri Gana can be any, we have a song for you. The list below includes superhit and new Bhojpuri Gane from all your favourite genres and if you don’t have any favourite genre then we have something for all your different moods.

Bhojpuri Gana

Bhojpuri Gane can make any day brighter and thus the obvious fan following of this particular regional style. Despite being completely regional, Bhojpuri Gane are extremely popular worldwide and thus we are making this go to list of Bhojpuri Gana that you need to listen. Many of you want to listen to the Bhojpuri superhits but have no idea about which ones to listen to particularly or most of the times don’t remember the best songs. So, the list below is your playlists for your different life phases because you can have a Bhojpuri Gana beside you always just like your best friend, actually no Bhojpuri Gana is just like your life partner.

Superhit Bhojpuri Gane

Welcome to world of Superhit Bhojpuri Gane, that will simply blow your mind off. If you haven’t heard these then your life is meaningless, so stop with whatever you are doing and concentrate on these Superhit Bhojpuri Gane.

  • Powder Dermi Cool Se
  • Kanch Hi Bans Ke Bahangiya
  • Kamariya Lollypop Lagelu
  • Piyawa Se Pahile
  • Sarso ke Sagiya

Bhojpuri Gana: Item Songs

All the item song fans, attention please. The ultimate item songs, Bhojpuri Gana item songs are here to change your mood. The selected Bhojpuri Gane in the section are must for your playlist.

  • Chadahal Jab Jawane Ke Bukhar
  • Le-La Labh Ke Injection Jawan Bhayilu
  • Maouke Pe Machine
  • Tani Chusse Da Ae Bhauji
  • Jab Se Chadhal Jawanee

Bhajan/Aarti wale Bhojpuri Gane

Bhojpuri Gana has a a huge selection of Bhajans and Aarti songs for Chhath Puja, Navratri, Bambhole and more. The Bhakti geet in Bhojpuri Gane will sort the Puja and Arti at your place.

  • Dil Bam Bam Bole
  • Bhakti KE Ras Barsawele
  • Chaleli Matari
  • Hey Mahaveer Hanuman
  • Jai Mata Di Bol Ke

Bhojpuri Gana: Sad Songs

Bhojpuri Gane not just makes you dance but also stays with you when you are sad. What better company can you get other than Bhojpuri Gana when you are upset. Below is the list of Bhojpuri Gane that will never leave your side in your bad times.

  • Yaar Je Mohabbat Main
  • Bahut Avela Raja Tori Yaad
  • Nirmohiya Re
  • Hamke Bisar Gaila
  • Mitwa More Saathi

Bhojpuri Gana: Love Songs

What is Falling in Love without Music? Bhojpuri Gana is that constant company that stays with you even on your most special times. Put on your headphones and start feeling love in the air. Realise and relish your moments with Bhojpuri gane.

  • Lagal Ba Pyar Ke Rog
  • Bantey Mastani Raat K La Pyar Bali Raat
  • Tohara Payar Me Sawariya Likh Dehani Sari Umiriya
  • Pyar Humra Se Kailu
  • Pyaar Kaahe Too

Bhojpuri Gana for Dance

Dance is an integral party of Bhojpuri Gana. Any Bhojpuri fan is actually looking for Bhojpuri Gana just to dance to its beats. This is the list of the Bhojpuri Gana that will make you dance like no actually better than any Michael Jackson ever born.

  • Bas Main Naikhe Jawani
  • Love Ke Tonic
  • Leja Jaldi Gawan Ma
  • Lage Lu Tu-To Atom Boam
  • Jeans Mein Jhakas Lagelu

Folk Bhojpuri Gane

Bhojpuri Gane is not of one type but many and that can be understood by the list itself. The essence of real Bhojpuri Gana is not tollywood or sad or romantic but it is the Folk Bhojpuri Gane. Listen to the real folk Bhojpuri gana-songs straight from the heart of Bihar.

  • Dagri Btade Baba Dham Ke
  • Raam Ji Se
  • Jiyal Behal Bhail
  • Gor Gaal Dunu Ankhiya Shrabi
  • Tohra Mai Ke

New Bhojpuri Gana: Latest

Listen to the latest Bhojpuri Gana and update yourself with what is trending and what is not in the Bhojpuri gana Block.

  • Thug Ranjha Bhojpuri
  • Dhaani Dhaani Chunari
  • Bhatar Ke Gaila Ke Baad
  • Bhatar Ba Namoona Re
  • Chhath Ghat Sohala

Bhojpuri Gana: Jija-Sali and Bhauji

A special segment is made for the Jija Sali Bhojpuri Gane and Bhauji Bhojpuri Gane as this is a very popular genre in Bhojpuri Gana. Listen to the list of Bhauji bhojpuri Gane and Jija Sali Bhojpuri Gane to know exactly what is the craze for!

  • E More Raaja
  • Aawa Na Pyari Kora Me
  • Chumma Mage Bihari
  • Dil Na Tori Sali Ke
  • Sali Sate Da Panjra

Superstars ke Bhojpuri Gane

Bhojpuri Gane and Bhojpuri stars go hand in hand. The stars kind of make the songs what they are. Some of the biggest Bhojpuri Stars are Ravi Kishan, Manoj Tiwari, Monalisa, Nirahua, Kajal Agrawal. The list of Bhojpuri gana below are some of the most popular tracks of the most popular Bhojpuri Stars. You cannot just complete a Bhojpuri gana list without listening to the biggest hits of Manoj Tiwari or Ravi Kishan.

  • Ego Chumma De Da
  • Baate Ladi Dhaar Daar
  • Jawani Ke Station
  • Chhatiya Lagala

Bhojpuri Gana: Shaadi/Vivah

Any grand wedding/shaadi/vivah is incomplete without a sapera dance on a Bhojpuri Gana. Also, there are additional Bhojpuri Gana needed for other functions of the marriage like haldi, sangeet, vidai. The Bhojpuri Gana below can serve to be a good playlist for one of your upcoming weddings in the house.

  • Saasu Niharat Damaad
  • Kachchi Kaseli Gol Gol Re Band
  • Raja Raja Kareja Mein Samaja
  • Bas Main Naikhe Jawani

Bhojpuri Gane: Holi

Holi being a major festival in India, it is celebrated widely and is incomplete without some crazy dance on Bhojpuri Gana. Below is your Holi Playlist with some colourful Bhojpuri gane on holi and rang.

  • Holiya Ke Gajbe Umang
  • Holi Me Aile Naa Bhatar
  • Aayil Ba Holi
  • Hori Khelei Raghuveera

DJ Bhojpuri Gane

DJ is a craze and the remixes that are made are crazier. Listen to some the craziest Bhojpuri Gana mixes created by DJs. The DJ mixes of the Bhojpuri Gana are below, which will make you groove to the tunes for sure.

  • Awatare Saiya Sakhi Tempu Se
  • Sultasnpur Wale Gaad Dihe Jhanda
  • Dj Song