Bhojpuri DJ Songs : Latest भोजपुरी DJ Songs, Video, Gana and Remix


Bhojpuri DJ Songs, the ultimate need of the hour as goes the trend of DJ songs. Bhojpuri Songs is no behind and has caught on with the trend and continues to give importance to remixes and DJ mixes even now when the world has moved to rap. The craze for Bhojpuri DJ Songs might come from the craze for DJ nights. It can easily be said that there is no match for the Bhojpuri Songs when it comes to Dance Numbers, so it really doesn’t need to be DJ mixed for becoming a peppy number. But, if we overlook the need factor, the Bhojpuri DJ songs bring life to events and also in life in general. They can actually make a dead man walk.

Bhojpuri DJ Songs: Types

What’s best about the Bhojpuri DJ songs is that, the songs that are DJ mixed are not restricted to a single genre, but the Bhojpuri songs are variants. Bhojpuri DJ songs can be made from a sad song, a bhajan, a romantic song apart from the obvious item songs. The twist in here is you can still enjoy the mood of the song with foot tapping beats which means if you are sad, you will just start to enjoy it, and all because of the Bhojpuri DJ songs, which can be pretty dangerous.

Bhojpuri DJ Songs: Bhajan Mix

Bhojpuri DJ songs can be bhakti geet that will make it easy for you to be awake the whole night during the Jagrata. There is actually a new trend in the Jagrata Business, it’s called the Mata ki Chowki (DJ nite), yes that’s right. Proper DJs are called with woofers that plays Bhojpuri DJ songs that are actually Bhajans in the DJ mix which completely transforms a boring bhajan into something absolutely new. The makeover makes it groovy and people don’t run away from Pooja because of this.

  • Hey Mahaveer Hanuman – A peppy Hanuman Bhajan that will absolutely not let you sleep and you might actually forget that its a Bhajan. The Bhojpuri DJ song might turn out to be your next favourite.
  • Bhangia Pisai Mein – From Hanumanji, we have come straight to Shivji and directly have gone to Bhang. Shivji is mostly loved for the wrong reason. But, the eternal strength, the God of God’s cannot be avoided by anybody and thus Bhang or not, Shivji is Shivji and one Bhojpuri DJ song has to be dedicated to him.
  • Maiya Mori Dani – How can a Bhojpuri DJ song of Bhajans end without an inclusion of Mata ka Bhajan. Maiya Mori Dani is a right mix of fast and slow for our strong, yet soft Ma.
  • Bhojpuri DJ Navratri Mix – The Bhojpuri DJ song is a complete navratri special.
  • Bhojpuri DJ song for Janmashtami – The Bhojpuri DJ song is a special bhajan for Janmashtami about Nandalal.
  • Bhojpuri DJ Songs: Sad Mix

    Bhojpuri DJ songs are made out of Bhojpuri Sad songs as well. One might think for what? But, the Bhojpuri DJ Songs sad mix makes the sad songs peppy that can still be enjoyed by people but can be overly enjoyed when they are completely out of themselves. If you know, what I mean :-P. They are the best DJ mixes particularly because there is a lot of feels and still it won’t make you cry anymore. Bhojpuri DJ Songs from the Bhojpuri Sad songs just makes the songs have a dual nature which is kind of loved by all.

    • Rovta Dil Bhojpuri DJ Sad song – The Bhojpuri DJ song is a sad song by Ritesh Pandey
    • Pawan Singh Sad Bhojpuri DJ Song – The Bhojpuri DJ Song is a DJ mix of a sad song Kyun Rula Diya
    • Judai Na Sahai – The Bhojpuri DJ Song is a DJ mix of a sad song Judai Na Sahai by DJ Gandhi Babu
    • Kismat Ba Dele Daaga – The Bhojpuri DJ song is from the popular sad song Khesari Lal Yadav.

    Bhojpuri DJ Songs: Romantic Mix

    Bhojpuri DJ Songs: the romantic mix is nothing new and actually natural. Now, the twist is that Bhojpuri Romantic songs are pretty fast and peppy and doesn’t require any DJ mixing, but Bhojpuri DJ songs are one of a kind and sets the mood for your party in a way that nothing else in the world can. Like every party is incomplete without the correct music. Likewise, the correct music of a party is incomplete without a Bhojpuri DJ song. Bhojpuri DJ Songs made from the Romantic songs of Bhojpuri Movies tend to become more popular because they already are loved and accepted to a larger extent than the other Bhojpuri songs.

    • Bhojpuri Non-Stop Dance Mix – The Bhojpuri DJ song is a mix of romantic songs
    • Khesari Lal Mashup – The Bhojpuri DJ Song is a DJ Mix of Khesari lal Romantic Hits
    • Nirahua Mashup – The Bhojpuri DJ Song is DJ mashup of Nirahua’s Hit romantic songs
    • Pawan Singh DJ Mashup – The Bhojpuri DJ song is a DJ mix of Pawan Singh’s Hit songs.

    Bhojpuri DJ Songs: Superhits

    After all the studies and categories, the most important thing is the Bhojpuri DJ Songs. We need to know the superhits of the Bhojpuri DJ Songs, so that one can be ready to play them when the time right, the mood needs to be set, the party needs to get started or just when you feel like it. Let’s have a look and save these Bhojpuri DJ songs on our devices for a quick energizer in an ultra boring day or after a sleepless night. While some of the Bhojpuri DJ songs are known by everyone, some can be relatively new for many but what is the best thing in here is that most of the times, we tend to forget them so atleast we have a playlist ready, so we are always ready with a Bhojpuri DJ Songs list.

    • Sarso Ke Sagiya Bhojpuri DJ song – The Bhojpuri DJ song is the DJ mix of Khesari Lal and Kajal Raghwani’s Sarso ke sagiya.
    • Lollypop Lagelu – Now this Bhojpuri DJ Song is a classic that needs no introduction but cannot be missed in the Superhit Bhojpuri DJ songs.
    • The best of Bhojpuri DJ songs – This is a Bhojpuri DJ song playlist that consists of all the superhit Bhojpuri DJ gane sorted by Gaana.
    • Chhalakata Hamro Jawaniya – Dj Mix The Bhojpuri DJ song is the DJ mix of Chhalakata Hamro Jawaniya of Pawan Singh and Kajal Raghwani.